Migrant academics and professional learning gains: grant award

Dr Namrata Rao, along with Professor Ian Kinchin and Dr Anesa Hosein (University of Surrey), has been awarded funding by the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) for their project entitled Migrant Academics and Professional Learning Gains: Perspectives of the Native Academics’.

Recently, the UK voted to exit the European Union (EU). This so-called ‘Brexit’ highlighted a perception that native workers are disadvantaged due to the presence of migrant workers. However, as the UK Higher Education (HE) sector is comprised of over a quarter (28%) migrant academics (HESA, 2016) from different educational and professional value systems, the British academic may gain a wide variety of professional knowledge through working with their migrant colleagues. The research aims to explore these professional learning (non-) gains of the British academic and how it particularly affects the nature of their pedagogical work.

For more information contact Namrata Rao.

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