Research excellence award for Hope’s Catherine O’Connell

Dr Catherine O’Connell has been awarded a prize for her PhD-related publications.  As Lancaster University celebrates 50 years of educational research and several hundred doctoral completions, these awards recognise excellence and impact in educational research among the alumni community of the doctoral programmes. 

Catherine OConnell
Dr O’Connell accepts her award at the Lancaster conference.

Catherine is one of two prizewinners to receive an award for excellence in publications judged by academic merit.  The award relates to a series of five publications presenting empirical and conceptual findings from her research on the impacts of global university rankings.  The award was made at an Anniversary conference in Lancaster last month. Details of the publications can be found below.


O’Connell, C. & Saunders, M. (2013 ) Mediating the Use of Global University Rankings
Perspectives from Education Facilitators in an International Context, Journal of Studies in International Education 17 (4), 354-376.

O’Connell, C. (2013) Research discourses surrounding global university university rankings: exploring the relationship with policy and practice recommendations, Higher Education 65 (6), 709-723.

O’Connell, C., (2015) Close‐Up Examination of Discourses Associated with Global University Rankings: Counter‐Narratives in UK Policy Context, Higher Education Quarterly, 69 (3), 279-294.

O’Connell, C (2015) An examination of global university rankings as a new mechanism influencing mission differentiation in the HE sector: the UK context, Tertiary Education and Management, 21 (2), 111-126.

O’Connell, C., (2017) An object-oriented approach to education policy research: Deepening the analysis through an activity-theoretical and critical discourse analytic framework, Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 13.



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