New book: Psychology and the Study of Education

Psychology and the Study of Education; Critical perspectives on developing theories, edited by Cathal Ó Siochrú, has been published as part of the Routledge Education Studies Series. The volume explores the relevance and application of psychology within a range of educational contexts, engaging with cutting edge research and key studies from the past. By offering new perspectives on the psychology of education, it re-examines core theories of learning, unpicks key learning processes, and considers the role of memory and identity in learning. Questioning myths and misconceptions, it challenges all readers to develop a critically reflective approach and reveals the value of psychology in understanding and influencing education.

Psychology and the Study of Education


Offering examples of the application of psychology to education in a wide variety of contexts, the book includes chapters on “Gender and Education” by Cathal Ó Siochrú, “Social Understanding” by Jim Stack, “Vygotsky and Shared Learning” by Catherine O’Connell, “Reading, Writing, and Dyslexia” by Lorna Bourke, “Piaget and Cognitive Development” by Claire Lloyd, and “Creativity in Education” by Chloe Yeh.

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