‘Pathologies of Professionalism’: Hope researchers present at ICQI, Illinois

For the second year running, a delegation from the Faculty of Education presented at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI), a 55-nation annual conference led by Professor Norman Denzin at the University of Illinois. This year’s delegation (pictured below with Professor Denzin) addressed the theme of ‘Pathologies of Professionalism’ and included Joseph Maslen, Cathal O’Siochru, Sophia Deterala (VC PhD scholarship) and Nicki Blundell (EdD student, School of Social Sciences).

In their papers, the pathological/professional was discussed in relation to metricisation and doctoral supervision and research-informed teaching. The team also performatively presented a courtroom drama, putting ‘the professional’ on trial and giving the audience the casting vote. The visit was part of Hope’s ongoing Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Illinois. A special issue of the ICQI’s journal International Review of Qualitative Research is forthcoming.


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