Metrics in higher education: academics’ perspectives

Next up in our series of research summaries, research into the perceived fairness of metrics in higher education by Catherine O’Connell, Cathal O’Siochru, and Namrata Rao.

Both teaching and research are subject to various metrics in the UK, most prominently the REF (Research Excellence Framework) and the TEF (yep, Teaching Excellence Framework).

There is much critical literature on these and the wider systems of accountability and performativity in which they sit, but O’Connell et al’s research focuses on local organisational practices and academics’ perceived fairness of these, drawing on the notion of procedural justice.

image 1 O Connell et al
Figure 1: notions of justice used to understand perceptions of fairness of accountability metrics (O’Connell et al., research summary, 2019)

The summary is available to download here and contains links to related publications, such as this one in Studies in Higher Education.


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