CEPA Special Issue in International Qualitative Research Journal

In 2015 a group formed, under the auspices of CEPA, to critically examine the introduction of Fundamental British Values (FBV) into schools in England. This group of academics initially presented their ideas and analysis at an invited Symposium at the Congress of Qualitative Research at the University of Illinois. The Congress is the largest qualitative research conference in the world.


Given the success of the Symposium the group applied for and were granted leave to compile a special edition of the International Review of Qualitative Research-  (IRQR) a world leading academic journal edited by Professor Norman Denzin. Around the same time another group successfully presented work on FBV at the British Educational Research Conference.

CEPA is pleased to announce that the special edition of IJQR will go into production at the end of this week and features articles from: Professor Ian Stronach, Dr Alan Hodkinson, Dr Harriet Pattison and Dr Ella Houston.  This is a significant achievement and represents the  many hours of hard work the group has placed into the writing of this special edition.  The project has been a great success not least in that it was interdisciplinary in approach but also in that it represented a collegiate and mentored approach to producing research and writing for a world class journal.

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