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Associate Professor Philip Bamber

Assistant Dean & Head of the School of Education
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Welcome to the Centre of Education and Policy Analysis (CEPA).

‌Here we bring together Education Studies, Early Childhood Studies, Teacher Education and a diverse and growing number of staff, students and researchers. We have an international reputation for excellence in research and teaching.  In the most recent review of Research Excellence, 60% of research in Education at Liverpool Hope was graded as ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’.

CEPA research is framed through four inter-related interdisciplinary research programmes oriented to overarching themes of ethos, values and social justice in education.  Our research programmes demonstrate interdisciplinary interest in values-led education across all sectors and phases. See the illustration below for information.

For more information on our undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development courses, visit the Education pages on the Liverpool Hope website.


Dr Carly Bagelman

Caroline (Carly) Bagelman grew up on Coast Salish Territories in the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. She completed her BA (Hons) in Political Science and MA in Cultural, Social and Political Thought at the University of Victoria, worked as a curriculum designer for the Critical Thinking Consortium At the University of British Columbia and Co-operative Education at the University of Victoria and completed a PhD in Education at the University of Glasgow. 

Dr John Tillson

Dr John Tillson is a Lecturer in philosophy of education at Liverpool Hope University, Department of Education Studies. Previously he was a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick, and at the Dublin City University Institute of Education  before that. He has a contract with Bloomsbury to produce a monograph based on his doctoral thesis, ‘Children, Religion and the Ethics of Influence’, which was completed at Dublin City University on a scholarship from the Irish Centre for Religious Education. 

CEPA Steering Group  

The steering group brings together research programme conveners and CEPA Visiting Professors to plan and direct research strategy, researcher development activities and to foster an inclusive research culture. Reporting to the University Research Committee, the Steering Group facilitates the development of strategic research partnerships and postgraduate provision that is aligned to our research expertise.

Steering Group Members

Dr Carly Bagelman, Dr John Tillson, Dr Babs Anderson, Associate Professor Phil Bamber, Sam Sellar (CEPA Visiting Professor), Associate Professor Alan Hodkinson, Associate Professor Naomi Hodgson, Dr Joseph Maslen, Dr Konstanze Spohrer, Ms Sue Cronin, Dr Lynn Sampson-Chappell, Professor John Shortt, Sam Sellar, Reader in Education, Manchester Metropolitan University, Reader in Epistemology, University of Glasgow, Stefan Ramaekers, Professor of Psychology and Educational Sciences KU Leuven (Belgium).

CEPA Members

Dr Babs Anderson

Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies

Dr Naomi Hodgson

Associate Professor

Dr Frank Su

Senior Lecturer in Education Studies

Dr Konstanze Spohrer

Senior Lecturer in Education Studies

Associate Professor Alan Hodkinson

Associate Professor & PGR Coordinator

Dr Cathal O’Siochru

Senior Lecturer in Education Studies

Dr Namrata Rao

Principal Lecturer

Dr Lee Mackenzie

Lecturer in Education Studies

Mrs Joanne Lewis

Network of HOPE Tutor

Dr Claire Skea

Lecturer in Education Studies

Dr Olga Ververi

Lecturer in Education Studies

Mrs Sue Cronin

Head of Teacher Education

Dr Ella Houston

Lecturer in Disability and Education

Dr Harriet Pattison

Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies

Dr Andrea Bullivant

Lecturer in Education Studies

CEPA Visiting Professors

Dr Sam Sellar

Reader in Education, Manchester Metropolitan University

Stefan Ramaekers

Professor of Psychology and Educational Sciences KU Leuven (Belgium)

Honorary Staff

Dr Richard Budd

Richard Budd is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Education, and co-Director of the Centre for Education and Policy Analysis (CEPA), at Liverpool Hope University. After working in education policy for government agencies in the UK and New Zealand, he returned to university to investigate more deeply how higher education compares between countries.