Education for Advantage

Our research takes a broad interest in education leadership, practice, and professional formation. There is a sustained exploration of the research-practice nexus and processes of knowledge mobilisation.  Research foci include: compatible pedagogies in culturally and socially diverse environments; migration, refugeeness, and pedagogies of care; teacher education for sustainable development and global citizenship.

We represent a range of approaches in connecting teaching research and practice, particularly in areas experiencing multiple deprivations. Research interests include areas of school leadership, professional ethics, values education, digitisation and the future of school, refugee and migrant education, EAL and further adult/community education. 

A particular focus is the Hope Challenge, which supports the work of Local Authorities and HMIs by working with schools in socioeconomic challenging circumstances and those judged as requiring improvement, across secondary, primary and special schools. We are working proactively with Local Authorities, regional HMIs and schools to lead North West collaboration with the aim of improving the life chances of children. For the purposes of the Hope Challenge Programme – schools in socioeconomic circumstances are deemed to be those where Pupil Premium is at least 25%. 


Dr Lynn Sampson-Chappell (co-ordinator), Associate Professor Alan Hodkinson, Mrs Sue Cronin, Dr Daniel O’Neil, Dr Andrea Bullivant, Associate Professor Julie Hadwin.